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 Women often live life feeling disconnected and unfulfilled. Many experience anxiety, mood swings, hormonal imbalance and infertility as "just a part of life" and don't think that there is much they can do about it. In each episode, I discuss several tactics and frames of mind I think every womxn has to adopt and operate from in order to enhance her journey to soft and develop a life of love, joy, peace, and happiness as a way of life rather than simply a fleeting fantasy.


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Hi Beautiful!

I'm Odessa,

The nutshell version: I’m of Canadian-Caribbean descent, and although I presently reside in Toronto, I’m Montreal-born with Bajan + Grenadian roots to be specific. This infusion of culture, diversity, and heritage has not only informed my practice, but it has shaped my life’s course over the years as I evolved as a professional artist and entertainer prior to my current profession, and life as a mom to four children.

While touring and performing internationally as a professional singer and contemporary African dancer, I began vigorously studying healing work. 19 plus years and 16+ modalities later, I wouldn't change any of it for the world!

More About Me


        Here are what my clients say about my services
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Hi Odessa! I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing workshop on womb awakening!

I know there is so much more to learn but I'm thankful that I'm on this journey with you. I'm super excited. Timing is everything! I have felt this need for more the past few years and I absolutely believe that you have started feeding a part of my soul!!

So much awesome information! I love it. Looking forward to continuing the journey with you!! 

-Candace. C



What specific results did you get from me? 

"Body and energy work was aligning. Spiritual insight shared was very interesting and actively affecting my consciousness practice. Being in community with Odessa was incredibly powerful both on a physical and metaphysical level. The clinical session was very grounding and made me create space for receiving what I have been energetically looking for. Being in community with other women seeking healing was also very healing. Practical knowledge about womb health principles and tools very helpful as I incorporate this into my self care practices. Mentorship on my life journey. Validation and affirmation of the soul level."

-Victoria. N


"Peace! I found Odessa on my journey to prepare for a second pregnancy. I had a very stressful emergency c/s with my first child and wanted to work on womb healing and preparation.

Odessa was welcoming, patient and compassionate from the start. She took time to learn about my birth history and help me identify my goals for the session. The session was gentle yet powerful. Odessa has an intuitive touch. She sensed many of my emotional barriers and helped me name them. This emotional work was just as meaningful as the physical component. She took time at the end of the session to check in with me and offered exercises and tools that I could use at home including visualization and flower essences which proved to be very helpful. I left her feeling lighter and more centered.

I became pregnant in the weeks following our session and I believe the massage, yoni steam and emotional support helped prepare me for this pregnancy. I am so grateful to Odessa for her lovingkindness, good nature and sincerity."

-Stephanie Etienne


"Great Rising Warrior Queens,

It is said that what you seeking is seeking you. My journey began when I wanted to know more about my womb. Not only did I want to know more but I wanted to also get in touch with my womb. We take the time to get our teeth clean amongst other things but when it comes to our womb and really getting to know and care for our womb can be the one major thing that we tend to neglect. I started to do my research on vaginal steaming and quickly realized that this practice goes way back not to mention the health benefits. This is where Odessa Thornhill​​ comes in. Remember I said what you seek is also seeking you. The universe just have a way of aligning people so that our journey or path crosses. I had the privilege of having my very first session with Odessa an experience that I will not forget. It was very informative she was very patient with me as I was able to just speak to open up to her. Thank you Odessa for being apart of my journey. I am looking forward to another session with you. Let me just mention as the saying goes no man is an island there are times in life and our journey that we will need the wisdom and help of others to bring us to the next level. Let us not shy away from that.

Sending light and love!!"

-Osalita Williams


“Odessa Thornhill is a healer. With her voice, with her hands and with her presence. I’ve had the privilege of being treated by Odessa on  number of occasions and have always left her feeling better emotionally and physically. She is very thorough in her screening and diagnostic process and provides a great deal of insight into the possible roots of imbalances and sources of illness. Odessa is a gentle and powerful conduit to wholeness and wellness. I highly recommend her services and would gladly refer friends and family to her practice.”

-Deanna Smith - poet, speech pathologist



“Just wanted to thank you Odessa for the gift of yesterday's Level I intensive womb awakening.

I loved your way of communicating so gently and yet so powerfully the profound teachings of this feminine sacred space. Blessings.”

-Cathyria Finet


I want to share this with you because I've reached where I am today, sitting in an airport in San Francisco, in good part, as a result of the work that I've been doing with Odessa Thornhill for the last two and a half yrs. For those of you who attend the Full Circle on a consistent basis know that it works AS LONG AS YOU PUT THE WORK IN! 

One of my challenges was allowing others to see me, and take center stage. It required that I allow myself to be vulnerable and speak from the place of the heart and not that of fear. I've been doing that! In the last 2 months I've been doing speaking engagements on a range of issues that I'm passionate
about in Montreal, Toronto, and California.

I've been invited by Concordia university, Federation des femmes
du Que, Critical Ethnic Studies, Birth Keepers Summit. I'm in awe and humbled by the feedback I've been getting! I've received an amazing response because I'm engaging people from the place of my higher self.

These are all elements that Odessa has been massaging into us. I hear you Odessa, and honor your work and perseverance for the upliftment of our people.

Much love and respect.

-Hirut Melakou